The 9th Annual InspiraTO Ten-Minute Play Festival!

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It’s almost that time of the year again. The Alumnae Theatre is about to come to life, thanks to Dominik Loncar and his 9th Annual InspiraTO Festival!

My PERFECT TIMING 2013 Festival actors...
My PERFECT TIMING 2013 Festival actors (Jennifer Gillespie & Liam Doherty).

Last year, I was fortunate enough to get one of the Playwright Mentoring spots with the festival. Dominik coached and mentored six recipients of this mentoring fellowship, and we each had a play in the festival (mine was PERFECT TIMING). When the call went out for plays to be performed in the neighbourhood surrounding the theatre, I jumped at the opportunity. So I actually had two plays in the festival (the second was WALK-INS WELCOME and it took place at a neighbourhood salon). It was an amazing experience and I learned invaluable lessons from Dominik, my dramaturge, my director, and my actors. I was able to be a part of each step of the process. Amazing stuff!


This year, I hope to attend as an audience member. The festival takes place May 29th – June 7th. I am just getting back from my Camino walk in Spain at this time, so barring any unforeseen circumstances I will be able to catch some of the plays near the end of the festival.

I suggest you take in this festival. It is filled with incredible talent…a real NOT-TO-BE-MISSED event. I was able to take in every play last year, and they were all fantastic.

The Alumnae - Home to the 2014 InspiraTO Festival!
The Alumnae – Home to the 2014 InspiraTO Festival!

Some of the details:

  • This year’s festival is to showcase 21 ten-minute plays – 12 from the playwriting contest, one artistic director’s play and 9 from the new playwriting academy (this academy has sprung from last year’s mentorship spots – the brainchild of Dominik Loncar)
  • There will also be site-specific plays (plays that take place in venues around the neighbourhood of the theatre)
  • The festival runs from May 29th – June 7th
  • Ticket sales will soon be announced – This is a hot ticket item, so get your tickets early!




A video of Dominik Loncar and Lumir Hladik discussing the InspiraTO Festival:

2014 Ontario Writers’ Conference, IF YOU DARE!

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The Ontario Writers’ Conference have done it again! This week they announced the addition of Canada’s Horror King, Andrew Pyper, to their list of speakers! (click on the image below to go to the OWC website’s bio of Andrew Pyper)


Pyper is no stranger to the Ontario Writers’ Conference stage. He spoke a couple years back. He’s charming and extremely funny, the perfect addition to what looks like an extraordinary year for the conference!

In case you have not yet registered for the conference, now is a great time to do so. With a little over a month left to go before the conference date, I’m quite sure space is filling up fast. You DON’T want to miss Andrew Pyper.

Along with Pyper, of course, you will also get to see the wonderfully gregarious and charming WAYSON CHOY, the conference’s Honourary Patron. Wayson has been with the conference since its inception. He’s a dear friend to all of us involved with the conference, past, present and future. I thoroughly enjoy my Wayson time. There is something absolutely magical about that man. You will have to attend the conference to experience it. I always joke about being a member in the Church of Wayson, but to tell you the truth…it is never a joke. I adore him completely. (Click on the picture below to view Wayson’s bio at the OWC website)


These are just two of the many amazing facilitators/speakers that the Ontario Writers’ Conference has lined up this year. You can head over to the Speaker/Facilitator page for the full listing:


You can check out the conference schedule here:



Treat yourself to a remarkable writing adventure this May. Give yourself the gift of knowledge and register for the Ontario Writers’ Conference. You’ll be glad you did.


Don’t forget that there’s a gala event on Friday that is open to the public. You do not need to attend the conference to take in the FESTIVAL OF AUTHORS.

I’m excited that my writing instructor and mentor from Kenya, Catherine Bush, is in the line-up for Friday’s Festival of Authors. I adore her writing, and it’s always amazing to hear the words directly from the author. I’m so looking forward to it! (Click on the image below to go to Catherine Bush’s bio on the OWC website)


This event takes place in Ajax, Ontario…which is mere minutes from downtown Toronto. VENUE & DIRECTIONS CAN BE FOUND HERE. Hope to see you there!



April WCDR Roundtable Meeting Registration!

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It’s almost time for the monthly WCDR Roundtable Meeting again. For those who don’t know about it, this is a networking meeting for writers. Perhaps the greatest monthly networking meeting for writers in Ontario, if not Canada, if not the world. I don’t think I’m exaggerating.

In case you’re a writer living in Toronto and you’ve never experienced a WCDR meeting, this blog post is for you. I just wanted to remind Toronto writers that Ajax is a mere ten minutes east of the city. And these meetings are open AND welcoming to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter where on your writing path you are. ALL ARE WELCOME. And made to feel welcomed. This is a supportive, nurturing community. If you fully embrace that first-time-in-a-new-place-with-people-you-don’t-know fear…you will be rewarded. The WCDR has completely changed my life, and if you give it a chance it can do the same for you.

Some people have joked that we’re a cult, but honestly…we’re not. We just care for one another and want nothing but the best for each other. We are all writers, and we know and understand the lonely path that writing can sometimes be. We celebrate each other at these meetings. And there is always room for more.

A little bit about APRIL’s MEETING:


April 12, 2014 WCDR Roundtable Meeting Speaker Chris Alexander
April 12, 2014 WCDR Roundtable Meeting Speaker Chris Alexander

From the WCDR WEBSITE: About the presentation

Magazine editor, filmmaker, writer and horror film enthusiast Chris Alexander has long used his words as tools to survive, to thrive and most importantly, make entertaining, edifying pop art. In this presentation, Alexander will tell true tales about how he followed his own path – with alternately superlative and exhausting results – to forge a career using a lifelong adoration of strange cinema as the base. In the process, he self-educated himself about business, the creative process and ultimately, the human condition.

Join Alexander as he discusses the importance of finding your “voice” in your writing, in making something personal that is also commercial and in maximizing your time to be as prolific, positive and effective as possible. Buckle in for a lively, practical, passionate and hopefully useful lecture and discussion.


Chris Alexander is a Canadian based, internationally published writer, filmmaker and editor-in-chief of such magazines as FANGORIA, GOREZONE and Full Moon Entertainment’s house magazine, DELIRIUM. As a filmmaker he is the writer, director and composer of the multi-award winning vampire film BLOOD FOR IRINA and its upcoming follow-up/sequel QUEEN OF BLOOD. As a journalist he was a columnist for RUE MORGUE Magazine for 6 years before taking over as Editor-in-chief of iconic NYC based horror periodical FANGORIA in 2009. He has written thousands of feature articles in various publications and periodicals, and is currently at work on his second book, THE TWILIGHT ZONE LEGACY coming in 2014 from Bear Manor Media.



Sounds like yet another not-to-be-missed meeting! Hope to see you there.

WCDR MISSION STATEMENT: The Writers’ Community of Durham Region encourages writers at all levels; offers opportunities for support, education and networking; and promotes the value of writers and writing.

Learn all about the WCDR at their website:


Check out past issues of the WCDR Wordweaver newsletter:


Check out the amazing sister site for writers who read!


Life is Good! Another Kick at the Can! Muskoka Novel Marathon…

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I am becoming a glass-is-half-full kind of person. I know…I can’t even believe it myself. I’m realizing how much I have to be thankful for. I have AMAZING kids. I mean, they rock. I’m having amazing luck with my mid-life writing career. Two books releasing in the same year! I mean, that’s golden. Such a huge blessing. I can’t look that gift horse in the mouth. I just can’t!

I’m also about to set out on a journey… a pilgrimage. Spring arrives tomorrow and with it the promise of the Camino. I know it’s still about 58 days away…but now I can actually feel it. SPRING. SPAIN. WALKING. INNER JOURNEY. It’s all good. I’m ready to let the healing begin…through my soon-to-be long suffering feet. They will take me across Spain to the mecca of my pilgrimage, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. I will be leaving baggage there…of this you can be certain.


There is no room for my sad little half-empty to nearly-empty cup. Life is giving me…well, what’s the opposite of lemons? Oranges?! Life is giving me oranges. I’m going to make orange juice. (-:

As the year progresses, I will also have the MUSKOKA NOVEL MARATHON. This, in case you haven’t kept up with my stream of consciousness way of thinking, is my ANOTHER KICK AT THE CAN. This July will be my 7th Muskoka Novel Marathon. I’m still crazy proud of the 4 Best Novel Awards that have come out of my MNM writing. Three of the Best Novel award novels are either published or soon to be published. And another novel I wrote there, which didn’t actually win the award, will also be published. My cup runneth over with goodness.

Herein comes the pitch.

Every year the writers who take part in the MNM raise funds for YMCA Simcoe Muskoka and the good people at the YMCA put 100% of those funds to use in their literacy programs. We the writers–40 of us this year!–are helping readers. We are giving the gift of words to those who have previously not had them. But we can only do this with YOUR help. Our job is to each write a novel over a 72hr period. That’s the easy part. It’s the job of all those who support us that is a bit more difficult. But I will always ask…because there will always be those in need of literacy programs. Please find it in your hearts to give a little to this most worthy of causes. Please click on the link below to go to my CANADA HELPS GIVING PAGE:

CANADA HELPS GIVING – 2014 Muskoka Novel Marathon – K. T. Craig

Making a donation on the above page will be sponsoring me for the marathon. Any amount would be most excellent. We have raised $85,000.00 to date with this marathon. That money has changed a LOT OF LIVES. We did this $5, $10, $15, $50 dollars at a time. So never think that a small donation is not big enough. Everything counts.

If you would rather donate to your own local literacy programs, by all means do so. I hope that this pitch inspires you to help…in whatever way you see fit. (-:

That’s my plea for today. Thank you for listening. And if you choose to give, thank you!

If you ever hear me bemoaning, complaining, or otherwise appearing unhappy…you have my permission to set me right. With a slap, if necessary. I have so much to be happy for. (-:

To learn ALL about the Muskoka Novel Marathon, please visit their website below. Just click on the Muskoka chair:


So, since happiness is infectious…how about I infect some of my readers this morning. This song is just making its way into my obsession books now. I mean, I’ve heard it before…but I guess I just wasn’t open to it…I give you HAPPY